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Lubricants Program   
We offer tanks, pumps, and equipment for volume customers! 
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We Deliver bulk oil direct to the farm.

DEF avaiable!

premium Lubricants

Qwiklift HTB
Premimum Tractor Hydraulic Fluid A premium muli-functional fl uid for tractors with a com mon sump for the transmis-sion, hydraulics, differential, wet brake, and power steer ing systems. Recommended for equipment that calls for a multi-functional tractor fluid: Allison Kubota Deutz/Allis Versatile John Deere Caterpillar Steiger Hesston/Fiat Case-IH Massey Ferguson Ford White/Oliver/MM

Superlube TMS

Extended-Life Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil Formulated for heavy-duty diesel and many gasoline en-gines. "Turbo" formulation protects your engine under severe conditions. Proven performance in millions of miles and thousands of hours of fi eld tests. Available in multi grades SAE 10W-30 and 15W-40 •
All Season Gasoline Engine Oil The new generation of en-gine oil. Designed to endure high temperatures generated by today's gasoline engines. Also provides excellent cold weather performance, circulates better during winter, and prevents engine wear. Meets today's higher performance needs with the proper balance of detergents, dispersants, rust and high temperature oxidation inhibi tors, along with exceptional anti-wear protection Available in SAE 5W 20, 5W-30 and 10W-30 viscosity grades •

Maxtron DEO
Synthetic Blend Diesel Engine Oil For all diesel applications including the most severe, and extreme conditions. Heavy-duty additives reduce deposits, limit wear, and cor rosion, and suspend contami nants for longer engine life. This advanced blend meets or exceeds heavy-duty diesel engine requirements. All season Available in multi grades SAE 5W-40 and 15W-40.

**Maxtron Enviro-EDGE**

The most advanced Diesel Engine Oil Ever Offered by Cenex
Full synthetic, Cenex Maxtron Enviro-Edge SAE 5W-40 safeguards hard working engines and advanced emission systems while reducing their carbon footprints.  This premium lubricant supports improved fuel economy, oil consumption control, reduced emissions and extended drain intervals--Key environmental benefits that improve the bottom line.  Whether comparing its ability to control soot, protect against wear, or perform in all temperatures--freezing cold or summer heat, Maxtron Enviro-Edge SAE 5W-40 surpasses conventional 15W-40 oils and API CJ-4 requirements by far. 


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